Monday, August 31, 2015

I am more than delighted with Devon's drive to work and play.  He is not over the top crazy where he hits the dumbbell so hard he breaks teeth or  takes out jumps trying to get to the dumbbell faster (shades of Kellan.  Save me...), nor is he a slug.  

He does sometimes anticipate, but at this point in his training I consider that a good thing: it means he understands the exercise and is eager to do it.  We simply need to work a bit on self-control.  Because Devon is sensible, I think he will grasp this quickly.  I certainly hope so!

Right now we are working on a 'moderate' level of proofing of his obedience skills.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to do as much distraction work as I would like (this is difficult when you train alone), and now it seems his distraction proofing is going to be live--as in 'while performing in the ring.'  I'm sure there are a lot of surprises in store for us!

This short video is of Devon and me  horsing around with his dumbbell.  I depend heavily on my body language to let him know if he is to 'front' or to jump up on me upon delivery.  Body language counts!!  

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