Saturday, February 13, 2016

Devon just LOVES Jennifer and was hard to control once he realized she had entered the building. Here is his reaction---and this AFTER I fetched my cell phone.

On Feb. 7th Devon showed in Utility B at the Lost Dutchman Kennel Club Trial in Phoenix, Arizona for his first leg. I was a basket case.  But Devon was a trooper, taking 3rd place under Judge Laurella Pang (Hawaii) out of 18 entries with a wonderful score of 198--and this after stopping to itch during a 'finish' before the 'exercise finished' was given.  I was ecstatic!!!  

I am relieved to learn that Devon is not influenced by matting or being indoors, something I am still working on with Devon's brother, Dax.  In truth, the reason we were at these shows to begin with was for more indoor performances for Dax, who will be going to the NOC in Tulsa in March.  Here in Southern California indoor shows are as rare as hen's teeth.  Makes it a tad difficult to prepare for those indoor shows, so I try to take advantage of them whenever I can.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Had a grand time at the Ventura Dog Shows in San Buenaventura, "Ventura's" official name.  Learned that it means 'Beautiful view'.  And it is!

My husband went with me this time (hip-hip!), and was delighted with the long boardwalk walks he was able to take with our older dog, Kellan.  The waves and tide were exceptionally high, giving lots of energy to the environment. It was quite invigorating:-)

Between walks I showed both Devon and Dax.  Showed Devon in conformation of Saturday (did nothing), but was unable to show him in obedience due to a lot of conflicts.  Devon's older brother, Dax, performed beautifully, so there was some compensation:-)

However on Sunday I decided to show Devon in obedience come what may.  As the superintendent had placed my two boys back to back in Open B (dah), I moved Devon.  Devon was first in the ring under Judge Bob Margolis.  

The Retrieve on Flat was the first exercise, and darned if Devon didn't want to play tugs with the dumbbell once he brought it back.  Thought I was going to break a tooth jerking it out of his mouth.  Then he went and did the same thing on the Retrieve over the High!  

Lesson learned.  

But Devon's heeling felt wonderful!  I could feel the connection and knew we were a team.  It just flowed.

Nevertheless, it still came as a bit of a surprise when Mr. Margolis called placements---and Devon placed 2nd with a 198!   I am still jazzed:-)))

We missed conformation, which was going on while we were doing groups.  Another time...

Monday, January 4, 2016


Hopefully 2016 is going to be a great one for all of us.  

Resolutions?  As regards Devon, I really have none.  Goals, but no resolutions.
We haven't been in a ring since that ignominious Shoreline fiasco.  

Since his brother, Dax, has been invited to the NOC (March, 2016), my main focus will be preparing Dax for that obedience marathon.  Hopefully Devon will 'come out' in Utility shortly thereafter.  We'll see...

But Devon's training continues.  In this video Devon and I are concentrating on the 'send direct' turn for the Utility Scent Discrimination Exercise.

The turn is separated from the scent work itself in order to zero in on just the turn aspect of this exercise.  I don't want to have him actually do the scent work; I only want to concentrate on keeping the turn close and tight.  (We will do the scent work afterwards.)  So I set him up, toss the article at a sharp angle, then send him to retrieve it. 

HOWEVER: note that our turn is approximately a 270 -290 degree turn!  In the ring it will only be 180 degree turn.  As with many skills, I like to over-exaggerate in order to further emphasize the desired result.