Saturday, February 13, 2016

Devon just LOVES Jennifer and was hard to control once he realized she had entered the building. Here is his reaction---and this AFTER I fetched my cell phone.

On Feb. 7th Devon showed in Utility B at the Lost Dutchman Kennel Club Trial in Phoenix, Arizona for his first leg. I was a basket case.  But Devon was a trooper, taking 3rd place under Judge Laurella Pang (Hawaii) out of 18 entries with a wonderful score of 198--and this after stopping to itch during a 'finish' before the 'exercise finished' was given.  I was ecstatic!!!  

I am relieved to learn that Devon is not influenced by matting or being indoors, something I am still working on with Devon's brother, Dax.  In truth, the reason we were at these shows to begin with was for more indoor performances for Dax, who will be going to the NOC in Tulsa in March.  Here in Southern California indoor shows are as rare as hen's teeth.  Makes it a tad difficult to prepare for those indoor shows, so I try to take advantage of them whenever I can.