Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well, the ring conditions in Prescott for obedience were abominable.  Seriously.  They were the worst I have ever experienced.  My poor Dax had to do go-outs into the sun, and I was squinting so badly, I was afraid he would think I was not happy with him. ( When we set up for go-outs, I actually told Dax that he was on his own.  Tragic.) 

Then to top it off, hot air balloons were inflated maybe 100 feet away, then lifted and were above us more than once.  Talk about distractions!

Additionally, there was what was called a 'mud fest', which was basically a run through various mud pits and other obstacles.  These runners ran right past our rings.  Lovely.

Devon, however, was in Novice, so his ring wasn't quite as dramatic as the Utility ring.  Never the less, the conditions for obedience were pitiful.  (Conformation was held inside the event center.)   
On Friday ( Sept 18,  2015 ) Devon earned his 2nd Novice B leg under Judge Nancy Craig with a 198.5--and High in Trial!
(A video was supposed to have been made, but unfortunately the person taking it hit the wrong button.  So no video...)

I pulled Devon on Saturday.  We had a ring change for our class and I preferred NOT to subject him to what was Dax's  Utility ring and it's worse conditions.  We are in no rush.  Instead, we showed in conformation where Devon was given a 'Select'.   We have all of our majors towards his Grand Championship, so are now simply working at pointing him out.

                                                   Devon being awarded his High in Trial

                                          A few of the balloons hovering over our rings.

                                          Devon's Novice ring---pathetic.  The indoor/outdoor carpeting
was rippled and wavy and uneven.  Worse, it was laid over decomposed granite that had NOT been leveled, so there were the additional less visible hills and dales and potholes from that.

                                           A little romp during the 7 hour drive to Prescott.

                                             My boys running towards me!

                                                  (Devon is wearing his harness;-)
                                                                   Happy Devon!!!

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