Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Devon earned his first Novice Leg!!!!   I am so, so proud of my little 'monkey'.  

On Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 Devon and I showed at the Greater Agility Club of Las Vegas obedience trials in Las Vegas under Judge Curt Curtis.
We didn't go into the ring until 6:30 PM, which made for a very long day.

I have to say that it was wonderful to be indoors where footing is so stable.  We here in the Southwest rarely have such luxurious conditions.  All too often our go-outs are towards open fields,  lakes, horse arenas, or infinity.  The ground is uneven, at best, making heeling a trek over hill and dale with various obstacles such as gopher holes to avoid along the way. We can have rings of re-bar and ropes, white poles with fluttering ribbon, and sometimes even baby-gates.  So showing at this trial was a true luxury!

Devon and I came in 2nd with a 197.5.  On Saturday as I arrived Curt Curtis seemed to be waiting for me.  I thought he was going to chastise me for leaving without getting my High Combined award for Devon's brother, Dax, the day before.  I was all set to tell him I had left because  it was past 7PM and I had a 7:30 dinner date, that I was obviously going to be late for.  But no, that was not the case.

Mr. Curtis wanted to reassure me that Devon was a great heeler with wonderful potential and that it was I who had lost him the most points, as I had rounded my left turns.  Live and learn!

Amy Balchum kindly videoed us on her phone.  Thank you so much!

Because Devon is so young and we have had so few matches, I only entered him in the one show.  But...

Devon, Dax and I are going to Prescott this upcoming weekend.  Wish us luck!

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