Monday, January 4, 2016


Hopefully 2016 is going to be a great one for all of us.  

Resolutions?  As regards Devon, I really have none.  Goals, but no resolutions.
We haven't been in a ring since that ignominious Shoreline fiasco.  

Since his brother, Dax, has been invited to the NOC (March, 2016), my main focus will be preparing Dax for that obedience marathon.  Hopefully Devon will 'come out' in Utility shortly thereafter.  We'll see...

But Devon's training continues.  In this video Devon and I are concentrating on the 'send direct' turn for the Utility Scent Discrimination Exercise.

The turn is separated from the scent work itself in order to zero in on just the turn aspect of this exercise.  I don't want to have him actually do the scent work; I only want to concentrate on keeping the turn close and tight.  (We will do the scent work afterwards.)  So I set him up, toss the article at a sharp angle, then send him to retrieve it. 

HOWEVER: note that our turn is approximately a 270 -290 degree turn!  In the ring it will only be 180 degree turn.  As with many skills, I like to over-exaggerate in order to further emphasize the desired result.  

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